• Melisa Gonzalez

Favorite Wedding of 2020| KENZ+JESSE

My favorite wedding of 2020. WOW. This intimate backyard wedding was something out of a fairly tale, it wasn't necessarily because of the glitz and glam or the decor or the most perfect venue. It was because of THEM. The sweetest, most soulful, most beautiful, most kind and most in love couple I have ever met and yes, I dare say ever. This wedding was very minimal, minimal decor, pizza on the menu, and just a cute little backyard as the venue but oh man did it radiate with so much love. The entire day I could literally see how in love these two are with each other and how their paths were meant to cross. Jesse being from South Africa and Kenz being from California met in the sweetest most God given way and the rest is history. This wedding taught me that no matter how great the venue no matter how crazy the decor none of it matters at the end of the day, all that matters is you and your loved one and these two were the star of the show and I absolutely loved that. I felt like I got killer images for most of them being inside a house. And that says a lot cause I never compliment myself and I just realized I did. HA ! I hope you all enjoy these images and my heart and soul went into them.

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