• Melisa Gonzalez

Favorite Session of 2020 | Victor, Martha + Calixto

Where do I even begin with this family? I had been following Martha for a while now and I always admired her family's style, I just absolutely loved it. I would always think "oh man I want to take their photos so bad" until one day my cousin and I were talking about how cute they are and I told her how I always wanted to photograph them and she told me, "do it!!! just ask them" so I did! I hadn't done that since way back when I first started photography so It was exciting to ask someone whom I admired. Martha replied with a "yes" and the rest is history. The day of the shoot was more than I could've imagined. I had told Martha to bring things that represent them, I wanted this shoot to represent them as much as I could. In the middle of the session they brought out some instruments and Martha's husband, Victor, started playing the guitar and Calixto and Martha were playing some hand drums and I just wanted to cry. It was such a beautiful moment that I will never forget. It was so beautiful to witness it all. This session was everything I imagined and more. I will forever love these family photos so much. I hope you all enjoy these images.

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