• Melisa Gonzalez

A San Diego affair

APRIL 23RD, 2018 Ashley & Rene

This day, April 23rd 2018, was well waited for. It was a day that the three of us were so excited for. Ashley specifically picked that day cause she said it sounded like a wedding date. I agreed. It truly did sound like a wedding date, April twenty-third two thousand eighteen. This was the very first elopement I have ever shot and I truly hope its not the last. There's just something about focusing on only the couple the entire day that I truly love. The elopement took place in sunny San Diego and that day it was nothing but sunny, a perfect Monday for an elopement. The whole day was about having fun, enjoying the moment and being adventurous. I mean we truly would had to hop out of the car to get a few shots and then hop back in. It was so much fun and I could tell Ashley and Rene were really enjoying it! All of the photos I loooove so much and I wish I could post every single one on instagram but do I really want to be that annoying? Thats why I love that I get to share more on here to show you all more beautiful images from this beautiful day.

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