• Melisa Gonzalez

Cris & Jenn

Where do I even begin with these two?? The love they have for each other is like no other and I noticed it as soon as I met them. It was the kind that even in a room filled with people all they notice is each other. So sometimes during sessions I like to ask people how they found out about my work. And I did. Jenn replied that she found my work through Instagram. I always think its so cool that people randomly find your work through social media. Really cool in fact. Anyways, this session was so fun not only cause they were down for all of the ideas that I had but also because we could not stop laughing!!!!! It really was soo much fun and not to mention they LOVED their images which is the reason why I do what i do, it makes me so happy! Enjoy these images as much as I loved taking them.

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