Felicia, mommy to be

This day was just so good, it was filled with laughter and happiness the entire time while we took Felicia's maternity photos. They are just such a cute family who are so sweet and so happy it makes me happy. Not to mention I got to hear a HILARIOUS story from their wedding day! I just love maternity sessions so much. They're filled with so much love for a new little human that is about to be such an important part of their life. (enter big loveyyy sigh here) enjoy these images!!

Jade + Greg

WOW. All I can say is WOW!!! This wedding was perfection. Such a perfect day with a perfect bride and groom. Jade is absolutely STUNNING!! Just stunning. I don't remember how many times I told her how stunning she is ! She literally looks like a super model! I couldn't handle my excitement when I was photographing her and Greg. They just looked ridiculously stunning. It was a happy day for sure. Another thing I absolutely loved was how friendly and welcoming their family was! I love a helpful and loving family! I hope you guys enjoy these images as much as I did when I was taking them and editing them!


Fatima is such a beautiful young lady who is about to head out to college! I took her high school senior photos and it made me reminisce so much on my graduation photos. It make me wish my senior photos were this cute! Mine were in a cheesy studio doing the cheesiest poses, so lame!! Now these, these are super cute and what i wish mine looked like haha!


Desiree is a gal that could brighten up any room with her big contagious smile! She just has one of those smiles that makes you smile! I love people like that! As soon as I met her I knew we'd get along. It was so nice being able to photograph her and meet her parents and boyfriend. It's always fun when family comes along for the shoot! While being at her university I got inspired and for a second I regretted not going to college. But at the same time I know its not for me, haha! But good for those who do and did go! Kudos to all of you! I hope you love these super cute photos of Desiree!

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