Baby Miguel

My nephew baby Miguel will be here soooo soon I cannot wait!! In about a month I will be able to hold his little body in my arms! I cannot wait to meet him! Wow! Can't believe they will have three boys in a month! So crazy! I already see my nephews Isaiah and baby Jake both handling it differently. Isaiah the oldest will for sure be super brotherly and lovey and nurturing, baby Jake on the other hand i'm not quite sure how he will react. I'm excited to see! I feel like maybe at first he will not like the new baby hehe but once he gets used to having a new brother he will be more into him haha. I cannot wait!!! So many boys!!

Rivero Family

The Rivero Family was so so enjoyable. They were really one of a kind. I am so happy they brought their father along for the photos. Getting some priceless images with grandpa and his grandchildren. I can already see these images being passed down for years and years and the children showing these images to their future children and so on! These kiddos were seriously so well behaved and I love how the little boy was his sisters number one fan. Family goals for sure. They all inspired me and they probably don't even know it.

Michelle + Adrian

My goodness. Well they didn't know but I did. These two really touched my soul. They reminded me of a love I once knew. That kind of love where he looks at you 'that way'. Oh man. So many times during this session I held back the tears. I am a very emotional person and just looking at the way that Adrian looked at Michelle made my heart melt. If you guys could've seen the way that Adrian kissed his wifes belly.. wow. Gave me the biggest knot on my throat. Just simply beautiful.

Dessire + Family

I feel like I start every post with wow..but...WOOOOW!!!!!!! Omg, I fell in love with baby Ivy! Oh my goodness! What a beautiful and happy baby girl!! I photographed this cute little family over a year ago when Dessire was pregnant with baby Ivy so this was my first time meeting her! My goodness I just wanted to kiss those cheeks!! How grateful must they feel to have such beautiful children!! Her son, Samone is such a well behaved baby boy, they're for sure lucky parents. It always makes me so happy to witness happy families. Enjoy these beautiful images!

Ryan Family

WoW! These three made me so so happy. Brandon and Brittney are in such a beautiful stage in life and it made me so happy to have been able to witness it for myself. Their happiness is truly contagious. It really puts many things into perspective and makes you realize what is important in life. To be grateful every single day. Their baby girl Blakely is GORGEOUS and such a good baby girl! I always want to kiss my clients babies but then I don't want them to think I am a weirdo! ha! I even made a mini film for this family cause I couldn't handle their cuteness and I felt that it had to be documented on video! I hope you all enjoy these images as much as I did taking them !

Angie + Alex

If theres a couple that are best friends and lovers its these two! They are seriously so in love but at the same time great friends, I love that ! I had met Angie before and I was so happy to see her again! Their session was FILLED with laughter and debating on who was going to get their 'good side' photographed, since they both had the same good side! haha ! It was so much fun and I hope you enjoy these images.

Mommy and me.

I absolutely love Amanda and her children, Esther and Isaiah. I have watched Amanda's family grow. From her wedding to every child being born. I love being able to watch peoples lives flourish before my eyes. Amanda has a heart of gold and I am so happy to call her my friend. This session wasn't one of the easiest but the outcome was so beautiful. Enjoy these beautiful flower filled images!

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