Jose & Maria

April 27th, 2018 Jose and Maria equal the definition of true love. Watching the two of them together just made my entire day. There is nothing better than photographing an engagement session and knowing that the couple is truly in love and the emotion showing through each and every photo is just priceless. I just LOVE when I can have a good time with a couple and we can just laugh and laugh through each minute of it. It makes everything so genuine and so much fun for the couple. I love all of these photo ALL. I just love photos so much they personally mean everything to me and I hope that the ones I capture for my clients mean everything to them. Jose and Maria's wedding is in December and I

A San Diego affair

APRIL 23RD, 2018 Ashley & Rene This day, April 23rd 2018, was well waited for. It was a day that the three of us were so excited for. Ashley specifically picked that day cause she said it sounded like a wedding date. I agreed. It truly did sound like a wedding date, April twenty-third two thousand eighteen. This was the very first elopement I have ever shot and I truly hope its not the last. There's just something about focusing on only the couple the entire day that I truly love. The elopement took place in sunny San Diego and that day it was nothing but sunny, a perfect Monday for an elopement. The whole day was about having fun, enjoying the moment and being adventurous. I mean we truly w

Esther Joy

April 21st, 2018 OH MY GOSHHHH. That is the first thing I said when I walked into Amanda's home to photograph Esther Joy's first birthday photos. OMGGG. I wanted to melt when I saw her in her cute little custom dress! AHHH! Just the cutest thing ever! Amanda always does such a good job dressing her kiddos but this one just took the cake! See for yourself..... go ahead..... betcha that you'll think she's the cutessssst! Also betcha y'all wanna get one of those custom dresses! I already want one for my future child who I don't even know if I'll have and I don't even know if it'll be a girl! haha. Enjoy.

Graduate, Erika

April 17th, 2018 Every time I photograph Erika, mind you it's only been twice, it's such a great time! Not only is it great cause she's just so sweet but also because she's such a natural in front of the camera! She just comes out so great and genuine! She wanted graduation photos because she accomplished a huge goal in her life! I was of course more than honored to photograph a special time in her life! I really really love how these came out and I wish you all love them just as much as I do!!

Baby Vincenzo

APRIL 10TH, 2018 One of my favorite things about photographing families is the fact that I get to watch them grow. It's so beautiful to see, it really is and it makes me so happy. Colleen and Brian were the second wedding I ever photographed back in 2014 and now I photographed their second baby, Vincenzo. Ugh. He is just GORGEOUS and chunkiest baby that you just wanna kiss over and over and over again! I'm gonna let the photos do the talking on this one in case you don't believe me ;)

Sarah & Mason

MARCH 24TH, 2018 As I had promised myself I would blog every session of the year here I am updating my blog and posting my work for the world to see. It has been a while since my last blog post and even though I will have to blog a bunch of sessions in one day it makes me happy to fulfill that. On March 24th it was Sarah and Mason's wedding day. Let me tell you, I have never seen such a calm, at ease, attentive and happy couple before. These two have a heart of gold! They really do! While Sarah was getting ready she was the calmest bride ever with not one single ounce of stress. I really wish to be just like her if I ever get married. It was so nice and calming to see. She was also the sweet

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