First Session of 2018

As a photographer being creative is something that you can feel discouraged at at times. Sometimes you feel like you're no good or sometimes you just need some inspiration. This maternity session was my first session of 2018. Not gonna lie its been a WHILE(1 month) since I had picked up my camera to take photos and it does make me a little sad. You sometimes hope to have work constantly but there is down times. Anyways, I was excited to take these photos yet I was feeling a bit rusty. That is until I started photographing. To be honest I start feeling more confident and more creative about 20 minutes into the session. Then I start to really enjoy it and really start loving the photos and st

Happy New Years 2018!!

2 0 1 8! Wow!!! I feel as if just yesterday it was 2016! Where has the time gone?! ahhhh! I'm so excited to be living another year filled with endless possibilities!! This year will be 10 years since I graduated high school! How crazy is that!??! Anyways, 2017 was an amazing year. It was filled with lots of travel and many many weddings! It sure was a good one. This year I want to really start blogging my sessions and weddings, it's just so much fun to blog and say whats on my mind. I always loved it. It's like a free space to say whatever I'd like to say to whoever is even listening, haha! That being said here's a FEW favorites of this past year! Cheers to 2018!!!

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